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In 2012, my wife, Rhonda, and I got together with her family and embarked on a new journey.

Next month will mark six years since the opening of Ambassador Limousine.

Sadly, I must announce that we have made the decision to close the company, effective September 1, 2018. We will fulfill any existing reservations with the same excellent service and care that has been our bedrock for the past six years. But we are not booking any new business.

As for why, I have always professionally stayed away from politics. But suffice to say the challenges for any business in this state are many, and we’ll leave it at that.

Over the time we have been part of the Redding community, we have strived to be as involved as possible. We have been active in local Chambers of Commerce, fundraising efforts, and support of local businesses and organizations. The fundraising we have participated in or donated to have raised literally thousands of dollars – which have primarily stayed local – for organizations like Chicks ‘N Chaps, Make-A-Wish, Wings of Angels, One Safe Place, Friends of the Fair, Redding Colt 45’s, and many more. For 6 straight years, we partnered with other limo companies and Family Dynamics to provide a day of luxury for some ladies (and their kids) dealing with some very hard life challenges. We drove kids to lunch for raising money for their schools! We are proud of these accomplishments, and we will continue this role in our new adventures.

I personally have so many memorable occasions that I will always look back on fondly. We have provided excellent service for many well-known people:

  • Jim Belushi (Sushi with Belushi; ask Krash about that one!)
  • The Sacred Hearts (when was the last time you were in a van with multiple Grammy winners?)
  • Jerry Seinfeld and Larry Miller (So funny)
  • Jay Leno (Talk about “Down to Earth!” The guy bought me a milkshake!)
  • Pam Tillis (When you’re listening to the radio, and the singer is sitting right behind you!)
  • John Elefante and Steven Augeri (Singers from Journey AND Kansas! How awesome is that!)
  • Sixwire  (The best of Nashville!)
  • Don & Heather (K-Shasta) and Billy & Patrick (Q-97) (The Best of the Best of Morning Radio!)
  • The staff at the Redding Civic Auditorium and the Cascade Theatre

All of them gracious and friendly souls!

As great as it was to meet and work with those people, my most memorable runs were of a more somber nature. Last minute booking to the Redding Jet Center for medical teams performing organ transplant harvest and surgery. A very hard time for families, but lives were being saved in the wake of loss. A very powerful thing to be a small part of.

We drove for the families of veterans, public servants, and true heroes as they laid their loved ones to rest. We rode as part of the Patriot Guard to Igo Veterans Cemetery and stood in humble admiration while Honors were bestowed. The sound of rifle volley, Taps, and bagpipes will forever stir my emotions. The sight of a flag-draped casket in the coach in front of me, and the hundreds of citizens lining the roads with flags of their own and signs of support for Chad Reglin’s family chokes me up whenever I think of it, and I will never forget. The packed auditorium for memorial services for fallen officers like Bruce Bonner and Doug Carney, brought pride and honor to what we do.

During our tenure, we have had the opportunity and privilege to work with some of the best people in the county. We formed relationships with other limousine and transportation companies – even though we were competitors, we could always work together – which even led to forming as association to make our collective voices heard along with the larger cities. We were always able to cover groups needing more than one company’s capacity, and to refer clients to each other with confidence they would be taken care of.

  • NorCal Limousine – Jamie and Michelle Gambill – drove with us before launching on his own, and doing a great job!
  • Star Limosine – Paul and Cheryl Boos – always there to help out!
  • Majestic Limousine – Carolyn Davis – a true pro to work with!
  • Shasta Premier Transportation – Jodi Frenna – the best agent for those of us with stretches!
  • Majestic Limousine – Ron and Cindy Lineberger
  • Platinum Limousine – Missy Patten

And I want to make special mention of Les Gjetley and Dynasty Limousine. Although I had thought of owning a limo company years before, it was Les that gave me the shot behind the wheel, and helped me to begin this journey. Even though we had different styles of management, he still taught me a great deal about the limo biz.

From the companies that sent us business, to the ones that kept us rolling, I submit to you our “Wotta Guy!” list:

  • Avanti Travel – hands-down the best!
  • NorCal Presort – ALL of our printing from brochures to business cards, flyers and posters, even designing our logo! Brian Reynolds and crew made it easy to keep our business local!
  • Tom Fox (Athens Automotive) – not only rescued us in a pinch but taught me how to “wrench” (to a point)!
  • All-Wheel Alignment – Only guys with a lift big enough for the limo!
  • Platinum Auto Glass
  • Rocha’s Auto Service
  • Les Schwab, Big-O and Tehama Tire
  • Tire Tree
  • Premier Oil Change
  • Tay-Van Car Wash
  • Signsations
  • Signarama
  • Redding Chamber of Commerce
  • Anderson Chamber of Commerce
  • And so many more!

This would not have been at all possible without the people who have driven for us. David Encore, Missy Patten, Karen Santoro, and drivers from other companies that helped out made our job a lot easier, and I thank you.

The lion’s share of praise goes to the ladies that came through on more occasions than I could possibly list:

  • Laura Jo – my friend of years! (A lot of ‘em!) All that energy and drive (yeah, I heard it) packed into that little woman! You made it so we could keep this company Family. I love you and thank you.
  • Katherine  – Who would have thought that with a name like Krashn Burn, you would be such a fantastic chauffeur? I constantly received compliments on your ability, professionalism and personality. The Queen of the “Late-nite, All-nite, Wedding Party, Christmas Run!” When you write that memoir, I want a signed copy! All my love to you, niecey!
  • My love – There’s absolutely no way whatsoever that I could have done any of this without my beautiful wife, Rhonda. My rock, my cheerleader, my ass-kicker. Even with a more-than-full-time job, you promoted our company at every turn. You inspired me and brought me down to earth when needed. As always, I love you more then ever!

In six years, we have served thousands of clients - in the happiest of times, and the saddest. We’ve been a part of weddings, engagements, birthdays, proms. We’ve taken people to concerts, baseball games, even amusement parks. We had groups start their vacation in the limo on their way to the airport or cruise terminal. We’ve accompanied families as they said their goodbyes to loved ones. We’ve received awards and accolades from Senators, Assemblymen, City and County officials. We were awarded the Hall of Excellence award from the Redding Chamber of Commerce, which was nominated and voted on by our peers – and that means the world to us!

As our time here comes to a close, I will simply state that I am proud of what we built. I’m proud of the level of service we maintained, the professionalism we exhibited, and the Traditional Elegance we brought to the Northstate. I am proud to have been a supporter of our first responders, veterans, and active military. I am humbled by the compliments, reviews and shout-outs we’ve received. I am honored to have served this community – our home.

On behalf of our family and Ambassador Limousine, I wish you All the Best!

Robert Hanson

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