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Here are a few questions and answers. If your answer's not here, just give us a call!

What should I know about renting a limousine?

There's a lot to consider when renting a limo: Is the limo safe? Is the company legitimate? Are they insured?
Very good questions. The first step is to make sure a company has the proper licensing and coverage to operate legally in your state. In CA, you can simply use the website for the California Public Utilities Commission. This link takes you to their FAQ page, where you can see many answers, as well as look up a company to be sure they are a legitimate company.

How many people can ride in the limousine?

Up to 8 passengers can ride in the limo. The Navigator SUV holds up to 6. These numbers are not only for safety, but your comfort as well!

Is there a limit on how far we can travel?

No. Our rates are based on either a time frame or a package. Some situations may require a small fuel surcharge: Distancce from our terminal to first pick-up, high fuel prices, etc.

Can we have alcoholic drinks in the limo?

Yes, in accordance with local, state and federal laws. Only persons age 21 and over may drink alcohol. Section 5384 of the Public Utilities Code states "…the consumption of alcoholic beverages by minors in the vehicle is unlawful … if during the course of any ride any minor is found to be, or have been, consuming alcoholic beverages, the contract will be terminated and the customer will be brought back to the point of origin of the charter" without refund.
As with any situation involving alcohol, Responsibility is the key! Knowing your limits, and staying safe will help you avoid fines, injuries or worse. Our Rental Agreement explains in more detail.

Can we request specific beverages, or provide our own?

Yes to both! We're happy to accomodate your wishes. Our standard Complimentary Beverage Service includes Soda, Water, and a bottle of Champagne or Sparkling Cider. We also have Bacardi© Rum, Smirnoff© Vodka and Black Velvet© Whiskey. We can supply upgrades, additions and substitutions - A "Concierge Fee" may apply. Call us for more information and details.

Are there Seat Belts in the limousine?

Yes, there are. In fact, they are also equipped with anchors for child safety seats.

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